14 December 2013

The Weekend

Today is incredibly sunny, and it feels like one of the hottest days so far. With a much needed sleep in and an array of breakfast foods and fresh fruit, I am feeling relaxed. This is what summer is about, and I should make the most of it because by the time winter comes round I'll most likely miss the warmth.

Of late I have been enjoying getting back into my art journal; basically you fill the blank pages with anything you like: paint, felt tips, old bus passes, recipts, letters, notes, dried flowers, pictures from magazines. The list is endless, and it becomes a sort of memory book for you to look back in. I like to convey my feelings on the page, if you're angry then go over the whole page with a bright red, rip the page, poke a hole, whatever. It's just like your homemade wreck your journal, so make it something to do this summer for when you have those days you don't want to write words, but want to get more creative.


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