9 December 2013

Pretending it's winter

Shirt from H&M
Jeans from Mirrou
Shoes are vintage
Necklace was a gift

So yesterday it was pouring with rain, while not cold in the slightest, I bought out my favourite jacket that I've been dying to wear since I bought it a couple of months ago. Obviously going into summer in New Zealand, it wasn't the most thought out purchase, being quite expensive and not that practical, but I just had to have it. So here it comes out, along with black jeans, a t-shirt and my favourite boots. (It seems like I'm buying things for winter?? I've bought almost all these things within the last couple of months.)
A few things I've learned from yesterday: 1) Taking pictures of yourself in your bedroom is really, really difficult without a remote or tripod, 2) Black items, in particular, bags are really hard to photograph, and 3) You get really hot when your pottering around in your room trying to get good photos and you're thankful when you can strip off out of these clothes and wear something more weather appropriate. Maybe I'll learn.
These boots are just my everything. I love wearing them, mainly to the mall for now, in the confines of some place air conditioned so my feet don't sweat. They add the perfect amount of height, and sheepishly, I feel quite confident when I am tall. They hurt my feet after a while. But so what? I will take it.
So, this is my first outfit post, you could call it. I have done these before, but this is the first for this blog. So thank you for reading, and so sorry if I've bored you like hell.


  1. Oh that jacket brings back so many memories *sigh*


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