3 December 2013

December Playlist

I thought I ought to do a monthly playlist on my blog since a used to do that a while ago on an old blog to show you the songs I've been loving most recently. Today I've downloaded a fair bit of music onto my iPhone, so now's a good time.

So this month has been full of a lot of Lorde (nothing unusual there since her album release), so I've had to restrict myself to one song of hers this month. If you were to ask me my all time favourites of hers, my answer would be 400 Lux and Ribs. As silly as it sounds, her music just speaks to me, and I think she is beyond talented. I'm waiting for the day when I can go to a concert of hers again, I really took that free concert a couple months ago for granted - I barely knew her music then.

Anyway, since One Direction's new album has come out I am a guilty listener of their music, so that's been on repeat. Their music is turning into something pretty different, but there's still some of the same pop/rock stuff there. I sort of consider One Direction to be my guilty pleasure, and then I have a whole other category of music that I like. I don't know, it's just the teenager coming out in me.

Since I first heard this mix up of Say My Name/Cry Me A River by The Neighbourhood I knew this would be on repeat. I've never listened to the Neighbourhood, but have heard of their song Sweater Weather, so that will be something to get into more with the oodles of free time I have at the moment.

There are some old faves that I've added in there, sort of silly songs e.g. Rich Girl and I Want You To Want Me. Sometimes you just have to listen to these type of songs, and also reminisce with Ten Things I Hate About You.

It seems I have loads to talk about when it comes to music. But a quick roundup of the rest: You've Got The Love remix by The XX. OMG YES. As well as Tame Impala's Feel's Like We Only Go Backwards, these are songs I just want to sink my teeth in. Baby I'm Yours is something I think Nigya would probably like, and a sort of old favourite as well. Possibly one of my favourite songs this month is by the wonderful Haim, whom I just love more and more, with Days Are Gone. Try not dancing to that one. Oh, and The Jungle Giants... it's love with Skin to Bone and their amazing album Learn To Exist.

December Playlist by Emma on Grooveshark

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