17 November 2013

Room revamp

Untitled-1 In the long summer holidays I'm planning to revamp my room - hopefully with some of these gorgeous things, or similar. I'm not sure if I'll get that lucky, but this is what I would put in my room. I love white for bedrooms, it makes the space so calming and relaxing - perfect for lying down, reading Frankie and sleeping. I would plant candles on every surface imaginable and organise everything to a tee using a lot of storage, because if you know me you'll know I'm a lover of storage.

First of all, I am dying for a new duvet. At the moment mine is plain white with a simple flower design/outline, but looking at Emma's room, I would love a pretty, understated floral duvet among all the clean white in the room. I'm also dying for a monochrome throw or blanket to go over the end of my bed for chilly nights; I don't think the zebra one I have now would be the best for all this. To add a bit of pretty to my room, I'm after some gorgeous lanterns (I do have some from Typo at the moment, though.)

The two downsides of all this? a) money and b) I have brown carpet. It's not the greatest for the look I'm going for.

Beaumont Mirror / Bonnie Throw / Blaze Candle / Fizz Table Lamp / Garland Ivory Bed Linen by Logan and Mason / Typo Woven Flower Lanterns / Small Office Desk / 'It' By Alexa Chung / Typo Allie Owl Jar

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