25 November 2013

Rimmel London Kate No. 111

I am getting into lipstick more and more these days. I never used to be, and I sort of thought lipstick was just for grandmas. But it can transform your look and make you look really put together. It's something a little bit special, than only just lip balm or gloss.

Rimmel London Kate's No. 111 (Kiss of Life) is a vibrant, very pigmented lovely medium red that is both glossy and easy to glide over your lips and is pretty long lasting. I think the packaging is really nice, and now with this I have the perfect red lipstick. I think this lipstick would suit all or most complexions, as it's a very classic colour. If you're after a classic red lipstick, I'd give this one a whirl! I think I'll be purchasing another one in this range - 101 is calling my name.

For a quick snap of what it looks like on me, head to my instagram: @ohemma_lou. And special thanks to Nigya.


  1. Hi there! I love your posts, I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award. You can read all about it in my latest post :)

    Caitlin x


  2. Bright red for summer! Loving it!


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