30 November 2013


On Thursday I went opshopping with Nigya and Moya, and this was by far my most successful endeavour at buying second hand items. We visited the Salvation Army Family Store and the SPCA Opshops in Henderson, as well as two other little ones. My favourite was the SPCA Opshop, I found practically everything here from there, and I could have definitely looked through their clothes for a longer time, they have a lot of great stuff.

My favourite purchase of the trip was these brown boots which have a square toe, and a leather upper. They are from a brand called Gino Ventori, and looking them up, the shoes retail from $80 to even $300, so for $6, these were an absolute bargain. The only bad thing is that I won't get much wear out of them straight away because of the hot weather, but I am looking forward to pairing them with a coat of mine I have in wind in the winter. The slight downside of them is that they are not comfortable to walk in for long periods of time, as tested out yesterday shopping, but this may be because they are slightly tight on my feet. I can deal with it though, because I think they look amazing.

I bought two glass dishes for jewellery as I really needed some (random plastic containers definitely don't cut it) for $1 and $3, a polka dot blouse for $5 which looks really nice with a red lip and a pair of black jeans, and a $6 bag which also looks great paired with the blouse and jeans combo.
I can definitely see myself going opshopping a lot more regularly in the future as you can find amazing stuff for so cheap.

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  1. I hope I will find shoes as amazing as those next time, what a steal!


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