14 November 2013

I'm not in the swing of things / a playlist

0 00 An ode to Frankie Magazine: I love you. My first issue bought all those months ago at Whitcoulls which I had questioned buying as it looked so different from anything I'd ever seen before. But Mum butted in, saying we'd buy it anyway. Thanks Mum.

Today I bring you a mix of some of my favourite Lorde songs, as she shall be the queen of music forever in my mind. I haven't stopped listening to her since Pure Heroine came out. Now in search for something a little different, and to spur me on in the treacherous exam period, I have fallen in love with a number of mash-ups and remixes. Let's let the music speak. You're welcome.

The Love Club L D R U Remix / Royals Lazerdisk Remix /  Royals Ross Hosking Remix / Bravado FFFRRANNNO Remix / Million Dollar Bills Easy Girl Remix

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