30 November 2013


On Thursday I went opshopping with Nigya and Moya, and this was by far my most successful endeavour at buying second hand items. We visited the Salvation Army Family Store and the SPCA Opshops in Henderson, as well as two other little ones. My favourite was the SPCA Opshop, I found practically everything here from there, and I could have definitely looked through their clothes for a longer time, they have a lot of great stuff.

My favourite purchase of the trip was these brown boots which have a square toe, and a leather upper. They are from a brand called Gino Ventori, and looking them up, the shoes retail from $80 to even $300, so for $6, these were an absolute bargain. The only bad thing is that I won't get much wear out of them straight away because of the hot weather, but I am looking forward to pairing them with a coat of mine I have in wind in the winter. The slight downside of them is that they are not comfortable to walk in for long periods of time, as tested out yesterday shopping, but this may be because they are slightly tight on my feet. I can deal with it though, because I think they look amazing.

I bought two glass dishes for jewellery as I really needed some (random plastic containers definitely don't cut it) for $1 and $3, a polka dot blouse for $5 which looks really nice with a red lip and a pair of black jeans, and a $6 bag which also looks great paired with the blouse and jeans combo.
I can definitely see myself going opshopping a lot more regularly in the future as you can find amazing stuff for so cheap.

25 November 2013

Rimmel London Kate No. 111

I am getting into lipstick more and more these days. I never used to be, and I sort of thought lipstick was just for grandmas. But it can transform your look and make you look really put together. It's something a little bit special, than only just lip balm or gloss.

Rimmel London Kate's No. 111 (Kiss of Life) is a vibrant, very pigmented lovely medium red that is both glossy and easy to glide over your lips and is pretty long lasting. I think the packaging is really nice, and now with this I have the perfect red lipstick. I think this lipstick would suit all or most complexions, as it's a very classic colour. If you're after a classic red lipstick, I'd give this one a whirl! I think I'll be purchasing another one in this range - 101 is calling my name.

For a quick snap of what it looks like on me, head to my instagram: @ohemma_lou. And special thanks to Nigya.

24 November 2013

Roses and Gold

A few things I've been loving lately, feat. my new duvet; my first step in redoing my room. Next: white furniture one way or another (I'm thinking about painting my existing dresser. Not particularly looking forward to the sanding.)

Bracelets from Dubai courtesy of my nana. A dying rose from my bunch of flowers. Camellia bath salts. Candles, always. This candle holder from my family in Holland.

In other news next week Thursday I will be free for exams, and plan to go op-shopping with Nigya, for summer clothes and some pretty bedroom accessories. I seriously cannot wait until my exams are over. There is so much else I would rather be doing than studying right now.

19 November 2013

Purple Light

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Today I am sick. It sucks. I have a three hour media studies exam tomorrow morning. I don't know if I'll be able to get out of bed. But a few cute things that have been saving me over the past couple days: The gorgeous Vera Wang Princess perfume. Smells girly, fruity and just a little bit sophisticated. My fresh flowers from a week ago are having their last breath of life. I might just have to sneak out onto the street and steal some more gorgeous looking flowers. I need peonies in my life. Including this purple dream catcher from The Grand Canyon gift store is also a must.

I have been lighting up these vanilla candles, along with some strawberry/bubblegum like ones that remind me of Katy Perry's candyfloss album smell. I have been watching a few movies lately, namely The Breakfast Club, Crazy Stupid Love, Sixteen Candles, and Breakfast at Tiffany's, mostly in bed at night with just the presence of my Typo lanterns, candles and my newly rearranged bed, now facing the T.V. My love for a young Anthony Michael Hall and Audrey Hepburn is now real.

Midnight Memories by One Direction on Grooveshark

I have unashamedly been listening just a bit to One Direction's newly leaked album Midnight Memories. Shoot me. Now let's hope for my sake that I'll be able to recover and get through three hours of media tomorrow.

17 November 2013

Room revamp

Untitled-1 In the long summer holidays I'm planning to revamp my room - hopefully with some of these gorgeous things, or similar. I'm not sure if I'll get that lucky, but this is what I would put in my room. I love white for bedrooms, it makes the space so calming and relaxing - perfect for lying down, reading Frankie and sleeping. I would plant candles on every surface imaginable and organise everything to a tee using a lot of storage, because if you know me you'll know I'm a lover of storage.

First of all, I am dying for a new duvet. At the moment mine is plain white with a simple flower design/outline, but looking at Emma's room, I would love a pretty, understated floral duvet among all the clean white in the room. I'm also dying for a monochrome throw or blanket to go over the end of my bed for chilly nights; I don't think the zebra one I have now would be the best for all this. To add a bit of pretty to my room, I'm after some gorgeous lanterns (I do have some from Typo at the moment, though.)

The two downsides of all this? a) money and b) I have brown carpet. It's not the greatest for the look I'm going for.

Beaumont Mirror / Bonnie Throw / Blaze Candle / Fizz Table Lamp / Garland Ivory Bed Linen by Logan and Mason / Typo Woven Flower Lanterns / Small Office Desk / 'It' By Alexa Chung / Typo Allie Owl Jar

16 November 2013


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Dancing Queen by ABBA on Grooveshark
♪ You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen 
Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tambourine
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the dancing queen

This is just a post showing some things I got for my seventeenth birthday, yesterday. I got so many nice presents, so I was really lucky. I finally have a good working phone (I've had an iPhone 3 for 4 years... so quite long overdue.) I also got some really nice fragrances, the Victoria Secret one I'd been lusting over for ages, and a sweet smelling Vera Wang bottle.

I'm dying to try out the O.P.I wine coloured nail polish, it looks absolutley gorgeous! One of my favourite colours for nail polish. Some sweet smelling candles (vanilla and strawberry) were seriously needed, as well. I have a candle addiction, and would buy so many if I had the money. Also, I'm literally so excited to watch The Great Gatsby again, as soon as I saw it at the cinemas I instantly wanted to watch it again. Ah, Leo.

14 November 2013

I'm not in the swing of things / a playlist

0 00 An ode to Frankie Magazine: I love you. My first issue bought all those months ago at Whitcoulls which I had questioned buying as it looked so different from anything I'd ever seen before. But Mum butted in, saying we'd buy it anyway. Thanks Mum.

Today I bring you a mix of some of my favourite Lorde songs, as she shall be the queen of music forever in my mind. I haven't stopped listening to her since Pure Heroine came out. Now in search for something a little different, and to spur me on in the treacherous exam period, I have fallen in love with a number of mash-ups and remixes. Let's let the music speak. You're welcome.

The Love Club L D R U Remix / Royals Lazerdisk Remix /  Royals Ross Hosking Remix / Bravado FFFRRANNNO Remix / Million Dollar Bills Easy Girl Remix

13 November 2013

It feels so scary getting old

oo ooo oooo ooooo Today I am loving Issue No. 56 of my beloved Frankie Magazine. I will never stop collecting this. There is nothing I love better than the smell of fresh flowers in my bedroom, and these are just a selection from a big bunch of purple, pink and violet flowers my Grandparent's gave me this week. I have dug up my old $30 Rose Body Shop Perfume and am using it to match my love of flowers. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift was this wall art in a box, pretty birds with some of my favourite places in New Zealand on.

I hope your day was lovely. I turn seventeen in a few days, it feels so scary getting old.
This is my summer project, my creative outlet, coincidentally beginning in the middle of my exams.
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