27 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Hello! It's been a while. Since I've posted last a whole lot of things have happened. Christmas, boxing day, and the days will still continue to string together like nothing, and I'll be left not knowing what day of the week it is it has been for the past month since school finished. I'm not really complaining though, as it gives me days on end to do whatever I like, even if that includes staying on the computer all day watching YouTube videos and eating chocolate.

I'm a little sad Christmas is now over because I really do enjoy this time of the year, and I'll enjoy the countdown to the day next year as well. But anyway, I thought I'd share some of the things I received for Christmas here, I didn't include gifts from my friends, these were the main gifts I got on Christmas Day. I know I always enjoy seeing what other people got and it's handy if you want ideas on what to get people my age for birthdays or next Christmas if you're that keen.

Top to Bottom: Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera which is seriously the best gift ever / Kikki.K (a.k.a best shop ever!) 365 diary / Owl Statue and Candle from my sister / Windsor Smith Sweetest Sandals in Tan, my addiction for this brand has began / Vanilla Scented Candle / Mayfair and Jackson Cupcake and Decorating Kit / Wicked Sista Make-up Bag / Typo Tea Light Holders / BaByliss Pro Curling Wand / Typo Calendar / Striped Wash Bag / Typo Ice Cream Pen / Kikki.K A Photo A Day Book

I am literally over the moon with the presents I got this year, I'm really lucky and I think it's a true reflection of the person I am: candles, cute stationery, shoes, baking stuff, home decor, photography. What was your favourite thing you got for Christmas?

19 December 2013

L'Oreal Paris EverSleek Shampoo and Conditioner

Today I bring you one of L'Oreal Paris' cult range of 'Ever ----', the one I purchased being the EverSleek Sulfate-Free Smoothing System 'for frizzy, unruly hair' that claims to 'weightlessly smooth hair for 48-hour frizz control'. I think having a good shampoo and conditioner is one of the most important things in my 'beauty' routine, and I've been trying this set out a few times, and have come up with my verdict.

First of all, though I'm not exactly sure what it means, this shampoo is sulfate-free, but I do know that is a good thing. Basically, it's better for your hair? Starting off with the scent of the product, because we can't miss that, it's what I can only describe as a creamy, beachy, fresh smell that is I personally really like the smell of, it's a far cry from the overly floral and girly scents that you commonly find in shampoo and conditioner. The price of these two are not cheap. They're not overly expensive, but I'm sure you could find a shampoo and conditioner set that do a similar thing for cheaper.

When I washed my hair with this in the shower, the shampoo lathered up so thick and nice, and then with the conditioner, it made my hair feel so soft and lovely once it was wet. A while ago I used to blow-dry my hair, but now I'm just sticking with air drying because well frankly, I'm lazy, and from trial and error makes my hair smoother. This could be a factor in how the shampoo and conditioner works for you, in my opinion.

While it was drying, I found my hair to be a little more frizzier than usual, funnily enough. But once it had settled down and fully dried, and by the next morning (I wash my hair at night) my hair was really soft and manageable. I think this would be a great duo for everyday hair care if you want hair that has a bit of slip and is easy to style. From shampoo and conditioners I've tried, this is probably one of my favourites, just because it makes my hair smooth and easy to work with, and I'm sure in the future I'll probably try more from their sulfate-free range to see what works best with my hair.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, and if you've tried this or another from their range, I'd love to hear about it.

14 December 2013

The Weekend

Today is incredibly sunny, and it feels like one of the hottest days so far. With a much needed sleep in and an array of breakfast foods and fresh fruit, I am feeling relaxed. This is what summer is about, and I should make the most of it because by the time winter comes round I'll most likely miss the warmth.

Of late I have been enjoying getting back into my art journal; basically you fill the blank pages with anything you like: paint, felt tips, old bus passes, recipts, letters, notes, dried flowers, pictures from magazines. The list is endless, and it becomes a sort of memory book for you to look back in. I like to convey my feelings on the page, if you're angry then go over the whole page with a bright red, rip the page, poke a hole, whatever. It's just like your homemade wreck your journal, so make it something to do this summer for when you have those days you don't want to write words, but want to get more creative.

9 December 2013

Pretending it's winter

Shirt from H&M
Jeans from Mirrou
Shoes are vintage
Necklace was a gift

So yesterday it was pouring with rain, while not cold in the slightest, I bought out my favourite jacket that I've been dying to wear since I bought it a couple of months ago. Obviously going into summer in New Zealand, it wasn't the most thought out purchase, being quite expensive and not that practical, but I just had to have it. So here it comes out, along with black jeans, a t-shirt and my favourite boots. (It seems like I'm buying things for winter?? I've bought almost all these things within the last couple of months.)
A few things I've learned from yesterday: 1) Taking pictures of yourself in your bedroom is really, really difficult without a remote or tripod, 2) Black items, in particular, bags are really hard to photograph, and 3) You get really hot when your pottering around in your room trying to get good photos and you're thankful when you can strip off out of these clothes and wear something more weather appropriate. Maybe I'll learn.
These boots are just my everything. I love wearing them, mainly to the mall for now, in the confines of some place air conditioned so my feet don't sweat. They add the perfect amount of height, and sheepishly, I feel quite confident when I am tall. They hurt my feet after a while. But so what? I will take it.
So, this is my first outfit post, you could call it. I have done these before, but this is the first for this blog. So thank you for reading, and so sorry if I've bored you like hell.

7 December 2013

In the lead up to Christmas


I Wanna Be Yours by Arctic Monkeys on Grooveshark
I've actually been enjoying the acoustic version of this lately
On Thursday I was going to go to the beach with my friends, but that didn't exactly plan out well since it was awful weather. We decided to go to one of our houses and we ended up playing cluedo and watching Never Been Kissed with the joyful company of pizza.

Recently I've been trying out one of these beauticology body butters which one of my friends got me as an early Christmas present. I decided to open the pink peppermint one first since it's the one that appealed to me the most. I love peppermint flavoured and smelling things. This body butter is so nice to put on after a tiring day after a bath and just relax. I really like smelling like peppermint, and the formula is really lovely too. Not as thick as the Body Shop body butters which I adore, but this is a nice light alternative that sinks into the skin really well.

Recently this White Pepper magazine dropped onto my doorstep after I ordered it online for absolutely free (free shipping, too) not so long ago. It's full of a lot of their clothes which I really love; they're one of my favourite brands but I can hardly afford to buy anything. There's a couple of interviews and other things in there too, but I don't think it's available anymore since I couldn't find it online for sale.

I've found my most recent lipstick purchase, Kate Moss' Matte Range in 101 to be the most wearable, so I've been reaching for that more than anything else. And it seems I am lighting even more candles than ever, with it only just turned summer, strangely. But I can't help it, with all these other bloggers and youtubers enjoying their white Christmases. Sometimes, I really wish I could have a Christmas full of snow and warm, snuggly clothes and candles, rather than sand and sun, if I'm honest.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to trying the other body butters, and I'm getting quite excited for Christmas, and I've already done all my Christmas shopping. Tiring, that is.

3 December 2013

December Playlist

I thought I ought to do a monthly playlist on my blog since a used to do that a while ago on an old blog to show you the songs I've been loving most recently. Today I've downloaded a fair bit of music onto my iPhone, so now's a good time.

So this month has been full of a lot of Lorde (nothing unusual there since her album release), so I've had to restrict myself to one song of hers this month. If you were to ask me my all time favourites of hers, my answer would be 400 Lux and Ribs. As silly as it sounds, her music just speaks to me, and I think she is beyond talented. I'm waiting for the day when I can go to a concert of hers again, I really took that free concert a couple months ago for granted - I barely knew her music then.

Anyway, since One Direction's new album has come out I am a guilty listener of their music, so that's been on repeat. Their music is turning into something pretty different, but there's still some of the same pop/rock stuff there. I sort of consider One Direction to be my guilty pleasure, and then I have a whole other category of music that I like. I don't know, it's just the teenager coming out in me.

Since I first heard this mix up of Say My Name/Cry Me A River by The Neighbourhood I knew this would be on repeat. I've never listened to the Neighbourhood, but have heard of their song Sweater Weather, so that will be something to get into more with the oodles of free time I have at the moment.

There are some old faves that I've added in there, sort of silly songs e.g. Rich Girl and I Want You To Want Me. Sometimes you just have to listen to these type of songs, and also reminisce with Ten Things I Hate About You.

It seems I have loads to talk about when it comes to music. But a quick roundup of the rest: You've Got The Love remix by The XX. OMG YES. As well as Tame Impala's Feel's Like We Only Go Backwards, these are songs I just want to sink my teeth in. Baby I'm Yours is something I think Nigya would probably like, and a sort of old favourite as well. Possibly one of my favourite songs this month is by the wonderful Haim, whom I just love more and more, with Days Are Gone. Try not dancing to that one. Oh, and The Jungle Giants... it's love with Skin to Bone and their amazing album Learn To Exist.

December Playlist by Emma on Grooveshark

2 December 2013

Two new everyday lipsticks

These lipsticks sit comfortably into the category of neutral, every day lipsticks. So they are in stark contrast to Kate Moss' Kiss of Life I had written about earlier. I went ahead and bought these both on asos seeming red lipstick isn't really everyday attire. I love red lipstick, but sometimes a girl's just got to tone it down and reach for something that's quick and easy to glide over your lips.

First up is from the Bourjois range, and since I'm a fan of their brand I decided to get one lipstick to try. Peche Cosy was the shade I got after recommendation from Kate. The lipstick's formula itself is quite nice, and is really easy to glide over your lips and get a good finish. I'm not sure the peachy colour suits my skin the best, but I still really like it. It burdens on orange a little bit, but it's something different.

The second is a lipstick from Kate Moss' matte range, this time in 101 which is a pale powder pink that I think suits my skin tone really well. It's a classic pink that could even pass for a tinted lip balm, as it doesn't pack quite the punch of pigmentation like Kiss of Life, but this is literally going to be my go to lip colour for everyday wear since it goes well with anything and looks natural.

30 November 2013


On Thursday I went opshopping with Nigya and Moya, and this was by far my most successful endeavour at buying second hand items. We visited the Salvation Army Family Store and the SPCA Opshops in Henderson, as well as two other little ones. My favourite was the SPCA Opshop, I found practically everything here from there, and I could have definitely looked through their clothes for a longer time, they have a lot of great stuff.

My favourite purchase of the trip was these brown boots which have a square toe, and a leather upper. They are from a brand called Gino Ventori, and looking them up, the shoes retail from $80 to even $300, so for $6, these were an absolute bargain. The only bad thing is that I won't get much wear out of them straight away because of the hot weather, but I am looking forward to pairing them with a coat of mine I have in wind in the winter. The slight downside of them is that they are not comfortable to walk in for long periods of time, as tested out yesterday shopping, but this may be because they are slightly tight on my feet. I can deal with it though, because I think they look amazing.

I bought two glass dishes for jewellery as I really needed some (random plastic containers definitely don't cut it) for $1 and $3, a polka dot blouse for $5 which looks really nice with a red lip and a pair of black jeans, and a $6 bag which also looks great paired with the blouse and jeans combo.
I can definitely see myself going opshopping a lot more regularly in the future as you can find amazing stuff for so cheap.

25 November 2013

Rimmel London Kate No. 111

I am getting into lipstick more and more these days. I never used to be, and I sort of thought lipstick was just for grandmas. But it can transform your look and make you look really put together. It's something a little bit special, than only just lip balm or gloss.

Rimmel London Kate's No. 111 (Kiss of Life) is a vibrant, very pigmented lovely medium red that is both glossy and easy to glide over your lips and is pretty long lasting. I think the packaging is really nice, and now with this I have the perfect red lipstick. I think this lipstick would suit all or most complexions, as it's a very classic colour. If you're after a classic red lipstick, I'd give this one a whirl! I think I'll be purchasing another one in this range - 101 is calling my name.

For a quick snap of what it looks like on me, head to my instagram: @ohemma_lou. And special thanks to Nigya.
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